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June 1, 2021, Alliance chose two new players in the first round of the 2021draft. There was a lingering open position in Dallas since COVID and it was a priority to fill. During the interview process, Alliance found themselves with two quality candidates. Both Gabe Lazalde and Mark Yblood demonstrated unique qualifications for the Northern Texan region. “At Alliance, we choose professionals that can adapt well to our company and we also review some unique skills the composes our criteria. Both of these candidates scored in a virtual tie; therefore, we chose them both because we knew how difficult it is to get quality candidates that fit our exclusive requirements,” Cary Ostera, the President mentioned.


Gabe and his wife recently relocated from Utah and they have fallen in love with Dallas.  Alliance is lucky the company that transferred him to Texas had to lay him off due to COVID.  His infectious positive personality is just one of the reasons why he will excel in our industry.  While his experience in sales is HVAC and steel raw materials, we know he will adapt to our industry easily.  After talking with people that know Gabe, it is clear that he knows what it takes to take care of the contractors and distributors in need. Gabe will be working in the Eastern half of the Metroplex and East Texas. He loves BBQ and is on a quest to find the best.

Gabe’s new sidekick is Mark Yblood.  He is a grizzled veteran of industrial sales in the construction industry with Grey hair to prove it.  A long-time resident of Mansfield, Texas, Mark is well-rooted in Texas and has many friends throughout the state.  Don’t let Mark’s laid back approach fool you, he has the experience that most salesmen wish they had while staying true to his beliefs.  His demeanor allows him to easily flow from CEOs to the drivers hauling our manufacturer's products in West Texas.  A gentleman that is well suited for the territory. He loves to travel in September, so get your orders in for that personal touch!


With Alliance in good hands, this afforded Christina Vessels, an Alliance veteran of nearly a decade, to take advantage of an opportunity to go in business with a friend of hers for more than twenty years.  “Alliance has selected some fine individuals that can handle the market, so I feel great about leaving Alliance in good hands and I look forward to what the future can bring in my own new endeavors.  I have enjoyed my ten years with Alliance and I know they will do well”  Alliance is going to miss Christina and all the tales of her pup “peanut”, but we are overly optimistic on the transition for the months ahead.

About Alliance Manufacturer Representatives

Alliance Manufacturer Representatives, Inc. is a plumbing representative like no other.  Not only to we provide market access to manufacturers due to our relationships developed over 30 years, but we are a full service agency.  Alliance can assist its manufacturers is a variety of ways to overcome obstacles from situational consulting to engineering.  Alliance and its team that covers the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana has never encountered an obstacle that cannot be overcome.  Alliance maintains a low line card count to assure personal service to our principals is never compromised, come see the difference.