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Utilizing experienced, sales representatives is an essential part of the manufacturing and wholesale business process. In today’s competitive market, coverage “is” everything to manufacturers who want to promote and sell their current and new products nationally.  Manufacturers, large and small, turn to sales representatives to increase their market share and profitability. Because sales representative firms are the point-of-sale between manufacturers and wholesalers, it is imperative that manufacturers utilize the services of seasoned professionals who focus on providing quality service; Alliance Manufacturer Representative, Inc. (Alliance) is that company.


Alliance has been in business since 1991 and was founded by sales representatives who have over 300 years of combined experience as sales representatives within the plumbing industry. Well versed in plumbing products, codes, standards and guidelines, Alliance Sales Agents have been the architect of million-dollar deals between the plumbing and construction industry’s top manufacturers and recognizable wholesalers.



Alliance currently has Sales Agents in TX, LA, AR, MS, and OK. Alliance Sales Agents are dynamic individuals who focus on using proactive methods to increase product awareness, brand recognition, and product knowledge.


Customer Service

Also known as Inside-Sales, Alliance’s Customer Service team actively assists Sales Agents complete their sales by providing superior customer support. Tasks often include assisting Sales Agents, Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Builders, or Wholesalers directly with product questions, pricing information, shipping, training and support. Alliance’s Customer Service team provides that quality sales support necessary to maintaining business relationships.




Communication - the latest IT equipment, online newsletters, video training, conference call forums, call routing capability and newly designed redundancy safeguards to prevent the dreaded fast busy signal. Did you know that Alliance can transfer an inbound phone call to anywhere in the world?  

Coverage - continual expansion of our sales agents perform regular, in depth visits to 5,000 (and growing) contacts that are located in TX, LA, AR, MS and OK. Sales Agents consistently participate in both local and national trade shows/ conventions to keep appraised of the latest trends.

Distribution - 20,000+ distribution warehouse for most of our product lines. Strategically located in Dallas to offer will-call services to local, DFW customers, reduce shipping cost and lead times.

Speed - guaranteed quick response to ALL customer requests from Alliance customer service, sales representatives and business support specialists.

Training - constantly provide sales training seminars ranging from the informal personal demonstration to the complete, full-blown professional presentation for larger audiences.

Codes - a proven track record of success with the local code officials and inspectors to secure product acceptance. 

Technology - Alliance maintains the most technologically advanced sales force in the plumbing industry. Alliance utilizes a powerful IT network and facilities that enable in-house publishing, data management, powerful fax server, remote file sharing, secure private networks and more. 

Advertising - making it easier for Sales Agents to communicate advertising needs, Alliance created an in-house marketing department. Experienced professionals will create advertisements that will increase sales and expand customer base; includes creation of trade show, catalog, product flyers, company brochures, and related marketing material.

Online - with a focus on maintaining a competitive edge, Alliance created an in-house web department that will create, develop, and maintain custom, Intranet and Internet applications that will improve B2C and B2B communications.

Future- our customers can expect even faster response times and improved service.