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Help arrives in central Texas!

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Alliance has not had a field salesmen that is resides in Central Texas.  It has been remotely covered by “visiting” salespeople from Dallas and Houston.  While the coverage has been professional, the time to achieve the depth of coverage to Alliance’s standards has not been there.   In fact, Alliance has been plagued with finding the right person in the market since the retirement of Del Stair.


To achieve a different result, Alliance went outside the traditional routes and hired David Lehuquet from the financial industry.  When the first initial contact was made, the caller was blithely unaware that it was 6:45 in the morning.  David answered his phone and it was clear this person is ready to work.  Conversely, David was drawn to Alliance since his family is in the plumbing industry “back East.”  He and his family have lived in Round Rock, Texas for well over twenty years.

From all accounts, he has the drive and the chops to become successful in one of Texas’s hottest markets.  Alliance is confident that this die-hard Eagles fan will blend in well with the Cowboy fans in Austin and San Antonio.  As of September 8, 2021, Alliance welcomes David to the fold and the Alliance training begins.

About Alliance Manufacturer Representatives

Alliance Manufacturer Representatives, Inc. is a plumbing representative like no other.  Not only to we provide market access to manufacturers due to our relationships developed over 30 years, but we are a full service agency.  Alliance can assist its manufacturers is a variety of ways to overcome obstacles from situational consulting to engineering.  Alliance and its team that covers the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana and they have never encountered an obstacle that cannot be overcome.  Alliance maintains a low line card count to assure personal service to our principals is never compromised, come see the difference.